February 2023

6 smart ways to make your business greener

More and more homebuyers are looking for eco-friendly homes. And you, like many real estate professionals, may even have been certified to help those homebuyers understand the benefits of green homes.

While you're thinking green, take a step further and find ways to make your business better for the environment. Those same potential clients who are interested in green homes may be impressed by an agent whose business practices demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.Here are some ideas.

Go paperless

These days, most components of a real estate transaction can be done online. While a few clients may appreciate printouts of comps or home value estimates, most are fine with getting PDFs and with signing documents electronically. Just be sure to use a secure app such as Dotloop rather than sending sensitive information by email.

Ditch paper checks

Switching from paper checks to an electronic money transfer system can save some paper and also be more convenient and secure. Plus, no more worries about paper checks getting misplaced in the office or lost in the mail.

Switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle

You know how much time you spend in your car. A hybrid or all-electric vehicle can project your commitment to the environment, plus it could improve your overhead costs. Be sure to check for state and federal tax incentives before you buy! And while you're at it, consider carpooling to a home showing. Another bonus: If you're driving, you know your clients won't get lost!

Mind your marketing

If you've been relying on direct mail or scattering branded plastic tchotchkes wherever you go, it may be time to rethink and aim for marketing with less waste. Consider doing more digital marketing, or if you do need a mailer, use recycled paper. A reusable card with a QR code that connects to your website can be a great tool, too. Then think of giveaways that may be better for the planet, like garden seeds or locally made baked goods and other treats. Items like these can be more useful to potential clients - and more memorable too.

Create a greener office

If you haven't done it already, look for ways to cut energy usage in your office and enjoy the savings. It doesn't cost much to invest in LED light bulbs or a smart thermostat, or to add weather-stripping around drafty windows and doors. You can also cut down on paper use in the break room by providing reusable dishes. And, depending on where your office is located, it may be worth taking a bigger step and investing in solar panels or replacing old windows with new, energy-efficient options.

Take your commitment to the community

Is there an Earth Day celebration, a community cleanup or a recycling event planned in your area? By participating, you'll not only show your commitment to sustainability, you'll get a chance to expand your network of potential clients. Another way to get your name out there while helping the community is to sponsor cleanup along a highway or landscaping on a median strip.

Actually implementing eco-friendly practices could give you more credibility and be one more checkmark in your favor when people are choosing an agent.

A note from your lending specialist

Don't forget to let your clients know that we share their concerns about the environment! Our streamlined Digital Mortgage Experience makes it easy to apply, upload documents and more, with no paper needed. Plus, I'm always available to provide personal help.

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