February 2020

7 ways to build your brand by word of mouth

Even in the digital age, human connections are memorable. While online marketing and social media have their place, real-life experiences are another way to build your reputation in your local market.

Opportunities are available all year long

Whatever the season, there are lots of ways to create opportunities for personal interaction, either by participating in community events or by designing your own.

Here are seven ideas to get you started:

  1. Give back to your community.

    Organize a community cleanup, volunteer at a local school, or help with other local causes.

  2. Support local youth sports.

    Sponsor a team, try coaching, or become the team's biggest fan. You'll meet tons of local families.

  3. Build on a hobby.

    If you're a history buff, get active in your local historical society. A sailor? Host a whale-watching trip. Use your enthusiasm about a subject to create real connections with past and future clients.

  4. Share your know-how.

    You may already do seminars on the basics of home buying and selling, but think outside the box too. A class on staging your home for sale or boosting curb appeal might attract a broader audience.

  5. Offer clients real value.

    Refer clients to the best local hardware stores, dry cleaners or auto repair shops. They'll remember you every time they take advantage of their new favorite business.

  6. Don't forget family.

    Families are the original social network, so don't miss weddings and other events that bring extended families together. Your cousin's son-in-law might need a real estate agent!

  7. Stay in touch.

    Send a note or talk to at least one former client daily, and be sure to invite them to tell you about their current needs and concerns.

Events and activities like these are a great way to stay connected to past clients, meet new prospects, and get to know your community. Just remember to have fun, and carry plenty of business cards!

A note from your lending specialist
Keep in mind that I'm available to team up for open houses or homebuyer workshops. Together, we can help more homebuyers.

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