March 2021

5 tips to add brand power to your marketing

Traditionally, agent marketing has been simple — just get your name, number and photo out there for the world to see. But with today's multimedia, you need to do more to stand out — especially when the spring buying season heats up. That's where branding can help.

According to research on, 59% of customers prefer to do business with familiar brands.Footnote1 Plus, agents who use consistent branding can increase revenue by an average of 23%.Footnote1 Here are five tips on how to take advantage of the benefits of branding.

Decide what makes you memorable

Branding isn't just a gimmick, it's a way of telling people who you are and giving them a reason to choose you. Start by thinking about what makes you different from other agents in your market. Is it your knowledge of a location? Your experience with certain types of buyers? Your commitment to your local community? These are the qualities you can use to build your brand.

Focus your message

You can't splash a two-page biography onto a billboard, so once you've narrowed down what makes you unique, find ways to communicate it in as few words as possible. Start with a one-sentence pitch, and don't be satisfied with your first attempt. Experiment with a dozen or more ways to say it until you come up with some that are pithy and authentically you.Footnote2 Then build on that, expanding to a full paragraph for the About Us page on your website, plus two or three sentences each for buyers and sellers to show why they should work with you.

Commit to consistency

Once you've developed a good expression of your core message, make sure some version of that message appears on all your marketing. Then keep in mind that when it comes to branding, the look helps tie things together. Using the same colors, logo, fonts and photo of yourself helps potential clients make connections between every ad, blog post and marketing piece. Just be sure to keep your designs simple, clear and easy to read.

Maximize brand views

The internet is key for any type of business. Start with a great website that's easy for clients to use. Then design email templates that reinforce your brand with every communication. Be sure Facebook, Instagram and Zillow Premier Agent clearly reinforce your brand. And don't neglect more traditional forms of marketing. Branded billboards, business cards, pens and fridge magnets are all ways to keep your name in front of potential clients.

Once you've got their attention, follow through

Repetition helps build your brand, so commit to regular communications through your blog and email blasts, as well as more personal messaging. Offering valuable content to every contact you make will help build trust and attract the attention — and business — you deserve.

A note from your lending specialist

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1 "Why consistent agent branding matters (and how to get it),", August 2019.

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