March 2023

9 tips to up your home's curb appeal

Whoever came up with the expression "never judge a book by its cover" must have never sold a home.

These days, the overwhelming majority of potential homebuyers get their first impression of a home on the internet. Curb appeal has morphed into click appeal - your home's façade in that first image could be the difference between a homebuyer clicking to see more or scrolling on to the next.

As we move into spring, the peak time of year for home sales, these nine tips could help give you a competitive edge:

Change the color of your front door

With just a coat of paint, you can make your façade pop with a front door that contrasts perfectly with the color of the house. If your house is tan, then a vibrant color like red or blue will work well. If your home is a dark color like brown or red, a lighter color will frequently do the trick.

Add a door wreath

Many of these tips are simple and inexpensive, but this one takes the cake. An eye-catching wreath can make your home stick out to someone scrolling through a slew of homes.

Replace your house numbers

Here's another quick and easy one. Updating to tall, thin numbers in a sans serif font makes the home seem more modern.

Add a potted plant or two

A little dash of nature on your front porch or next to your front door adds an element of warmth to the whole façade.

Add shutters to your windows

Give your windows a facelift without the expense of replacing them by putting up window shutters, a classic adornment that adds an element of color and style.

Install window boxes with flowers

Again, you don't have to replace your windows to spruce them up. Window boxes with flowers add warmth and color to your windows and make your home seem more welcoming.

Upgrade your mailbox

Mailboxes are often overlooked, but replacing a dented, damaged one with something pristine - or putting a fresh coat of paint on an old one - can add a nice touch. Consider adding a wooden frame, planting flowers around it, or putting new house numbers on the mailbox.

Hide your HVAC

If your air conditioner condenser unit is visible from the front of your house, it can be an eyesore. Putting up a decorative screen, planting a bush, or installing fencing around the unit can help camouflage it.

Power-wash the front of your house

Power-washing your siding, steps and walkway can blast away years of dirt and grime and make the front of your home look brand new. Just make sure you understand the force of a power-washer; you wouldn't want to damage your home while you're sprucing it up.

Many of these fixes are relatively inexpensive and DIY-friendly - and you'll be amazed at the cumulative effect of doing even a few of them.

A note from your lending specialist

Peak home-selling season demands action. With that in mind, I'm here to help with any of your home financing needs.

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