January 2018

Top cities for single female homebuyers

In years past, owning a home was considered primarily as a milestone for married couples. More recently, single homebuyers — and particularly single women — have emerged as a strong demographic in the housing market. According to the 2017 Home Buyers and Sellers Report from the National Association of REALTORS®, single females represent 18% of total home purchases — more than double the percentage of single males.1

So which markets might be most desirable for this growing demographic? Here's a list of the top 10 cities based on affordability.2

Top 10 markets for single women homebuyers


Cincinnati‐Wilmington‐Maysville, OH: average home value $158,100; Kansas City‐Overland Park‐Kansas City, MO‐KS; average home value $162,000; Dallas‐Fort Worth, TX‐OK: average home value $169,000; Albany‐Schenectady, NY: average home value $189,100; Atlanta‐Athens‐Clarke County‐Sandy Springs, GA: average home value $181,700; Milwaukee‐Racine‐Waukesha, WI: average home value $190,000; Hartford‐West Hartford, CT: average home value $245,900; Minneapolis‐St. Paul, MN‐WI: average home value: $226,300; Raleigh‐Durham‐Chapel Hill, NC: average home value $204,100; Chicago-Naperville, IL‐IN‐WI: average home value $218,900. Source data: Owners.com as of 09/18/2017.



These markets were evaluated by analyzing the income‐to‐home value ratio, crime rates, access to public transportation, walkability and the cost of dinner for two.

For more details, check out the complete list.



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