March 2018

How blue can help attract homebuyers

Thinking about selling your home? Two words: Think blue.

Why? Well, in 2017, homes with blue kitchens sold for $1,809 more than expected, while light blue bathrooms resulted in a selling price that increased by an impressive $5,440.1 Blue also had a positive impact on price when used in dining rooms, bedrooms and even the front door.

Of course, there are many factors beyond room colors that come into play to affect a home's final price. But it's worth taking a closer look at why blue can be a great option for grabbing a buyer's attention — which is, after all, the critical first step toward any sale.

The popularity of blue
One of the reasons blue is such a perennial favorite is its versatility. It can work well as an overall paint scheme, or you can pick a stronger, more vibrant shade for a statement color or accent. It's a classic color that can also keep up with a variety of trends in interior design. You can create a variety of moods depending on whether you lean toward softer cool blues or deeper warm ones.

For example, try a soft periwinkle blue in the bathroom for a sensation of soothing calm. Or for a slightly bolder look that's still accessible to buyers, go with a Caribbean shade that evokes fun, relaxation and warm tropical breezes. There are many designer blues out there to choose from, so you don't have to feel limited in your choices.

Explore your possibilities
The most important thing when choosing colors that could help sell your home is making sure you pick hues that appeal to the widest possible range of potential buyers.

Blues as well as grays and light browns can not only work together to create a calm, restful atmosphere, they're also unobtrusive enough that a buyer can easily imagine their own furniture and accessories in your living spaces. This is much harder to do if you've got a flashy purple wall in the living room or a bright red bathroom.

Read this report to learn more about the best colors to use in each room to help boost a home's appeal to buyers.


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