May 2018

Take it outside

When we think about design trends, we tend to focus on our interior living spaces. But what about the exterior areas of our homes?

With spring in full swing and summer almost here, it's the perfect time to enhance the curb appeal of your home with outdoor renovations and landscaping projects.

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Just add color
A splash of color can bring joy to your home and make a good impression on your guests. Spruce up your yard by planting colorful flowers. Choose a variety of seasonal blooms to add year-round visual interest to your home's exterior.


Think small
Smart design for multiple uses can make a small garden feel just right. A concrete fire pit can do double duty in a variety of ways — a dramatic planter, a handy seat or a convenient edge for your deck — as well as providing a warm place to relax on a cool evening.


Take it easy
Hard work in the garden isn't for everyone. If you like lots of free time, a low maintenance succulent garden could be a good option for you. "Desert plants" carry the added benefit of being drought-friendly if you live in a hotter, dryer state.


Put your best foot forward
A quick and easy way to make your home more inviting to guests is to create a stylish walkway. Consider using locally sourced stone and plants to create a welcoming native look. A water feature like a fountain can add an unexpected, tranquil touch.


Illuminate the possibilities
Colorful, stylish landscape lighting can take your garden, patio or deck from meh to marvelous at the flip of a switch. In an eco-friendly state of mind? Solar-powered lighting is versatile, affordable and trendy.


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