May 2018

More than dollars

When you're looking for a place to call home, it can be tempting to focus on price. Of course, budget is always a factor, but there are other considerations that are worth looking into.

Here are a few suggestions to help you decide what's most important to you.


If your job is linked to a particular industry sector (technology, automotive, finance, etc.) it's worth bearing that in mind when you start looking for a place to buy. Some industries tend to cluster around certain hubs but there may be other parts of the country where your industry is active. These alternate areas could be worth checking out.



How close do you want to be to your job? Living closer may save you time and fuel costs, but if you work in a large metropolitan area, you may get more for your money if you live outside the city.


Life plans

What are your longer-term goals? If you're planning to start a family, for example, local school zones are sure to enter into the equation at some point.


External factors

You can't control all the factors that play into buying a home. For example, the 2017 Tax Bill could affect how much of your mortgage interest is tax deductible, and the current upward trend in interest rates may continue through 2018. If you have questions about how the new tax bill may affect you, consult your tax advisor.


How much you can comfortably afford to pay each month is obviously a prime consideration. The mortgage payment calculator can help you decide what that amount may be.

But, deciding on the right home is more than just the listing price. It's a complex combination of factors and priorities that reflect the way you choose to live. When you do decide on a property that fulfills all your requirements, feel free to reach out to me about financing.

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