September 2018

Digital tools to fit your home buying needs

As our use of technology continues to expand, so do our expectations for how it can help make important tasks easier — including the process of applying for a mortgage loan.

The 2018 Bank of America Homebuyer Insights Report revealed that more and more consumers are seeking out digital solutions for the home buying process. When surveyed, 52% of people said they would apply or have already applied for a mortgage digitally — and more Americans said they would be comfortable applying for a mortgage digitally (32%) than dating online (20%)!

Home buying solutions for our digital age

Bank of America already offers many digital resources to homebuyers to help make home buying easier. For example, you can:

What digital tools can do, and what they can't

Our digital tools are designed to help give you more control over the mortgage process and make it more convenient for you — but without sacrificing the human touch. None of these tools can substitute for your relationship with a trusted lending specialist.

At any step along the way, you can call me with questions. If you've already got a digital application in progress through the Bank of America Digital Mortgage Experience™, I can help you complete it.

For more information about the range of digital tools and resources we offer, contact me.

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