January 2020

Enhance your marketing with the right real estate niche

Aiming your marketing at, well, everybody is not necessarily the best way to get results. A real estate niche is a segment of the overall market where you've established yourself as an expert. By choosing the right niche (or two or three niches), you can maximize your marketing by focusing on particular types of clients and wowing them with your expertise. Here's how to find your niche.

Start by surveying the market.

Take a look at what's going on in your area. Are there underserved customer or property types? Do you see a lot of one age group, as in a retirement community or college town? Are there particular locations such as waterfront property, 55+ communities, or new housing developments? Even though you're narrowing your focus, you'll want to be sure there are plenty of opportunities in the niche you choose.

Niches to consider:

  • Type of homebuyer: first-time buyers, upsizers, downsizers, investors
  • Type of home: starter homes, vacation rentals, second homes, fixer-uppers, condos
  • Demographic: millennials, young professionals, growing families, empty-nesters, military
  • Location: city, suburbs, particular subdivisions or school districts

Build on your strengths and interests.

Choose a niche you've had success with in the past. Consider where your top sales have been, and what types of clients you've best been able to connect with. Then use your past successes to position yourself as an expert. You can also consider continuing education in your area of interest. For instance, LEED certification, new construction education or home financing classes could help you stand out from the crowd.

Tailor your marketing.

Choose marketing types and content that will show your expertise and connect with your chosen client type. That includes getting out into the community to meet clients where they're most likely to be. Look for social events that align to your audience, such as boat shows for waterfront enthusiasts, school events for young families and so on. But don't forget to customize your other marketing, whether your website, email campaigns, social media ads or direct mail. Play up your strengths and show clients why you're their best choice to help them with their needs and wants.

Ask me about our range of loan options.

Whatever niche you choose, as a Bank of America lending specialist, I can offer your clients financing options for a wide range of purchase types, from starter homes to new construction and more.

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