I'm Jerry Kurtti, and I'm a Financial Center Lending Officer committed to helping my clients fully explore their home loan options and feel confident about their choices. In my experience working with fixed- and adjustable-rate loans, government loans, home equity lines of credit and jumbo loans, and more, I've been able to share my knowledge of the mortgage industry and especially the market. My website offers resources and calculators to help clarify the homebuying process. I'm available to help you know where you stand every step of the way.


Estimate your monthly mortgage payment

Estimate your monthly payment based on loan amount and interest rate.

Closing cost calculator

Estimate your closing costs based on area and purchase price.

Should I refinance my home?

See if your monthly mortgage payments could be lower if you refinance.

Home equity calculator

Use this calculator to get an idea of your rate and monthly payment for a home equity line of credit.

Affordability snapshot

A powerful interactive tool, to create your personalized affordability snapshot

Home value estimator

Use this tool to find out how much your home may be worth.