May 2018

Right home, right mortgage

As your clients get closer to deciding on their ideal home, it's important to help them focus on financing and what they need to do to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Here you'll find a few key considerations that could be helpful as they begin navigating the home loan process.

Find the right lender

Finding the right home loan lender is crucial. They should be a good match for your client's specific needs. At Bank of America, we pride ourselves on having the experience, expertise and can-do attitude it takes to bring the right mortgage to the table.

Research different products

With so many home loans to choose from, finding the right one for your clients can take real know-how. We offer a variety of mortgage types designed to fit specific needs. There may also be down payment and closing cost programs that would make buying a home more affordable. If your client is eligible, it's a great option to explore. Our lending specialists can make solid recommendations based on individual circumstances.

Organize for the application

There are lots of documents your clients will need to get started on the mortgage application. It's a great idea for them to gather all the paperwork in one place and maybe keep a checklist. Find other tips for your clients.

Keep track of the loan status

The Home Loan Navigator® is a simple way to manage documents and keep track of the status of a mortgage application.

Prep for final approval

As the big day approaches, it can be tempting for clients to splurge on furniture or new appliances. Advise them to hold off — major purchases or new lines of credit can delay approvals.

Get ready to close

Remind your clients to set aside sufficient funds for closing costs. They can find out more about what these costs may include.

For more details about all the resources Bank of America has to offer, contact your local lending specialist.

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