Week of August 13, 2018

Counties with top sales changes

Top five counties with greatest month-over-month change in total sales

Top five counties with greatest month-over-month change in total sales
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State County name Month-over-month sales change %
Louisiana Orleans 45.5%
Illinois Champaign 37.4%
Maine Cumberland 37.1%
Louisiana Jefferson 36.4%
Illinois Saint Clair 33.7%

The map shows the top five counties with the highest percentage increase in total units of sales month over month for April 2018. All five counties had significant growth in sales of over 33%.

Two counties in Louisiana are in the top five, with Orleans County, Louisiana, having the greatest percentage increase overall. Both counties are located in the New Orleans metro area, where current trends include low property taxes, affordable home prices and modest appreciation rates.

Illinois also had two counties on the list, likely due to low inventory and the lower cost of living in the Midwest.1

1Source data: CoreLogic®
Data date: 07/25/2018

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