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U.S. migration patterns

States with largest net growth of the state's population in 2017

States with largest net growth of the state's population in 2017
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Rank State Percentage growth of new residents Number of new residents Number of residents entering the state Number of residents leaving the state Population in 2017
1 Arizona 1.40% 98,513 261,727 163,214 6,935,358
2 Nevada 1.20% 34,848 133,074 98,226 2,963,456
3 Oregon 1.00% 40,059 149,513 109,454 4,102,048
4 Idaho 0.90% 14,945 71,899 56,954 1,694,182

These four states experienced the largest population growth from 2016 to 2017. Net growth accounts for the total increase in population after factoring in people who moved out of the state. Arizona had the highest growth rate in 2017 of 1.4%, likely due to employment and wage growth, and relatively low cost of living in the state.

Nevada scored the second-highest population growth rate of 1.2%. Oregon had the third-highest population growth rate of 1.0%. The migration in Oregon has increased as the economy improves, creating new employment opportunities.

Idaho grew by 0.9% in 2017. Idaho's population growth was boosted by high levels of in-migration due to its strong economy in manufacturing, technology and services.1

1Source data: U.S. Census
Data date: 09/30/2018

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