Week of February 25, 2019

U.S. regional housing market

Median selling price

Median selling price
Region Median selling price in October 2018
West $281,381
Midwest $157,555
South $178,125
Northeast $237,933
State Median Sales Price
Alaska $281,381
Arizona $240,000
California $479,000
Colorado $350,000
Hawaii $550,000
Idaho $243,525
Montana $250,000
Nevada $280,000
New Mexico $197,349
Oregon $310,000
Utah $312,500
Washington $330,000
Wyoming $228,092
Illinois $175,000
Indiana $160,111
Iowa $126,500
Kansas $189,447
Michigan $128,958
Minnesota $205,000
Missouri $164,000
Nebraska $150,000
North Dakota $188,250
Ohio $129,000
South Dakota $139,000
Wisconsin $155,000
Alabama $127,000
Arkansas $138,000
Delaware $210,000
District of Columbia $560,000
Florida $215,000
Georgia $185,200
Kentucky $141,102
Louisiana $160,000
Maryland $270,000
Mississippi $178,125
North Carolina $189,000
Oklahoma $125,050
South Carolina $175,000
Tennessee $162,525
Texas $230,300
Virginia $249,900
West Virginia $129,700
Connecticut $230,000
Maine $218,157
Massachusetts $381,000
New Hampshire $237,933
New Jersey $289,900
New York $268,250
Pennsylvania $160,000
Rhode Island $255,000
Vermont $187,500

According to the above graphic, the Western region of the country has the highest median price for a home — possibly due to limited inventory and high demand.1 It includes six states with median home prices above $300,00: Hawaii (with a median price of $550,000), California ($479,000), Colorado ($350,000), Washington ($330,000), Utah ($312,500) and Oregon ($310,000). Outside of the West, only Washington, D.C. and Massachusetts have median prices above $300,000 — $560,000 and $381,000 respectively.

The cheapest median home prices were in the South and the Midwest. Despite high demand, a large supply of inventory may help to keep the median price in the South at $178,125. Three states in the Midwest and two in the South had prices below $130,000. The most affordable state for a home is Oklahoma, which has a median price of $125,000.

1 Source data: CoreLogic®

Data date: 01/21/2019


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