Week of March 18, 2019

Median selling prices

Prices for November 2018

Prices for November 2018
State Name Total Sales Median Price
Alabama 133,500.00
Alaska 280,399.53
Arizona 241,040.00
Arkansas 136,800.00
California 477,000.00
Colorado 351,500.00
Connecticut 232,100.00
Delaware 201,600.00
District of Columbia 539,950.00
Florida 220,000.00
Georgia 185,000.00
Hawaii 580,000.00
Idaho 242,136.25
Illinois 172,000.00
Indiana 162,500.00
Iowa 130,000.00
Kansas 193,383.00
Kentucky 139,000.00
Louisiana 168,545.00
Maine 214,823.00
Maryland 279,000.00
Massachusetts 380,000.00
Michigan 135,050.00
Minnesota 209,900.00
Mississippi 177,500.00
Missouri 164,758.75
Montana 250,000.00
Nebraska 159,000.00
Nevada 289,999.50
New Hampshire 236,000.00
New Jersey 278,000.00
New Mexico 205,875.00
New York 298,000.00
North Carolina 192,000.00
North Dakota 189,900.00
Ohio 128,933.00
Oklahoma 125,000.00
Oregon 310,000.00
Pennsylvania 160,000.00
Rhode Island 255,000.00
South Carolina 179,275.00
South Dakota 167,000.00
Tennessee 164,700.00
Texas 233,000.00
Utah 310,625.00
Vermont 190,250.00
Virginia 250,000.00
Washington 335,160.00
West Virginia 123,600.00
Wisconsin 159,000.00
Wyoming 233,585.00

The Western states remained the most expensive part of the country to buy a home at the end of 2018.1 Hawaii (median price of $580,000), California ($477,000) and Colorado ($351,500) led the pack. This may indicate that inventory is not keeping up with demand. It remains uncertain if that will change as five-year projections show Nevada may become the seventh Western state with a median home price over $300,000 by 2023.

Homes in many states in the Midwest, Southeast and the Plains are below $200,000. The two most affordable states, possibly due to low demand, are West Virginia ($123,600) and Oklahoma ($125,000). Nationally, the median home price is $222,000.

1Source data: CoreLogic®

Data date: 2/14/19


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