Week of April 15, 2019

Labor Force Participation Rate

Changes from March 2017 to February 2019

Changes from March 2017 to February 2019
Date Labor force participation rate
Mar 2017 62.9%
Apr 2017 62.9%
May 2017 62.8%
June 2017 62.8%
July 2017 62.9%
Aug 2017 62.9%
Sept 2017 63.1%
Oct 2017 62.7%
Nov 2017 62.8%
Dec 2017 62.7%
Jan 2018 62.7%
Feb 2018 63.0%
Mar 2018 62.9%
Apr 2018 62.8%
May 2018 62.8%
June 2018 62.9%
July 2018 62.9%
Aug 2018 62.7%
Sept 2018 62.7%
Oct 2018 62.9%
Nov 2018 62.9%
Dec 2018 63.1%
Jan 2019 63.2%
Feb 2019 63.2%

The labor force participation rate reached a two-year high at the beginning of 2019 climbing, to 63.20%.1 This represents a rebound from August 2018 when it was at a low of 62.70%. The rate represents the percentage of Americans working or seeking work compared to the total population.

The increase in the participation rate could signify a healthy economy. However, it may also mean more competition for jobs, which could contribute to lower wage growth in the future.

1Source data: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Data date: 3/11/2019


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