Bank of America Down Payment Center

Saving to buy a home?
Here's how to find help.

Did you know that many organizations offer programsFootnote 1 that could help you with the up-front costs of buying a home? When combined with a low-down-payment mortgage—including our Affordable Loan Solution® mortgageFootnote 2—these programs can make buying a home more affordable. Simply select your state to search for programs you may be eligible for.

If your state is not listed, please ask your lending specialist about other down payment and closing cost options.

$200 Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, when you get an Affordable Loan Solution® mortgage from Bank of America, you'll receive a $200 bonus. Must apply by November 30, 2018. Talk to your lending specialist to learn more.Footnote 3


Learn how down payment and closing cost assistance programs work.