November 2022

5 ways to market location with your listings

It's cliche but true: You can change a lot of things about a house, but you can't change the location. While great views or hot vacation spots almost sell themselves, location matters for more ordinary listings too. Here are some ways to make the most of location in your listings.

Know what matters to buyers.

There are a number of common factors that most homebuyers look for in a listing:

  • Access to transportation, including both public transport as well as nearness to highways
  • Amenities such as shopping, dining and recreation
  • Schools, both the local public school district and well-known private schools nearby
  • General location information such as country, suburban or close to downtown
  • Lot details, including yard size and extras like deck, patio or pool

Be an expert in your area.

Don't just rely on your clients to tell you about their location. They may not have taken advantage of those beautiful walking trails, that charming bistro or the library around the corner. Use your knowledge of the area to add color to your listings.

Be creative in working location into listings.

Ideally, if there are "wow" features about a location that you know will be in demand with buyers, try to get them into your header. That includes things like a lake view, being minutes from the beach, or just a few blocks from downtown. You'll get a lot more attention with headers like "Four-bedroom house overlooking the park" or "Charming cottage by the beach" than you will with just a simple house description.

Include photos of attractions in the area.

If there are especially appealing aspects to the location, add a photo or two to your listing. An image of people enjoying a park, a theater or a local restaurant can help prospective buyers imagine themselves living there.

Not so great location? Make the best of it.

Let's face it, some locations are not ideal, but that doesn't mean you won't sell the home. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Don't hide problems, but don't lead with them either. If possible, give less appealing features a positive spin. For instance, the noisy highway two blocks away gives easy access for commuters.
  • Find ways to work around problems when possible. If the seller is able to make changes, you can suggest soundproof windows to mitigate noise issues or a security system if the neighborhood is a little sketchy.
  • Go overboard on curb appeal. If the neighborhood is run down, make sure your listing is the best-looking place on the block. You can even get in there with your client and do some local clean-up.

You never know what aspect of a home will attract the right buyer. Making the most of the location could be the thing that seals the deal.

A note from your lending specialist

Don't forget that homes in certain locations may qualify for homebuyer grants from Bank of America. Contact me or visit the Bank of America Real Estate CenterĀ® to see if your listings are eligible.

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