March 2020

5 ways to get more done during your busy season

Peak real estate season is just around the corner. Are you ready to handle the increased workload? These proven time management techniques could help you get more done — with time left over to celebrate your success.

Set priorities

Start by checking your to-do list. Which items are crucial and need to be done first? Which items are flexible but should be built into your schedule? And which can be delegated to someone else, or skipped altogether? Make sure everything on your list contributes to the health of your business.

Develop a routine

Once you know your priorities, plan when you'll tackle each item and how much time to assign to each one. A regular routine can help you focus on the task, rather than wasting time trying to find time. You should also schedule to your strengths. For instance, you may be great at cold calls in the morning, but you should save number crunching for the afternoon.

Make the most of technology

There are a host of apps available for managing tasks, scheduling, lead sorting and more. If you're not taking advantage of any of these tools, it's easy to get started. To find apps that will work for you, search for reviews online and ask colleagues for recommendations.

Start (or join) a team

Every real estate business has to deal with routine tasks that eat up a lot of time, like updating listings, managing social media and scheduling appointments. The team approach makes it possible to spread the work among several people, benefitting everyone.

If you're a team leader, it's important to delegate whatever tasks you can and trust your team to get the job done. If you'd like to start your own team, you could begin with part-time help for some of those routine tasks, then add to your team as your business grows.

Give yourself a break

This one ought to be easy, but too many of us neglect to schedule time off, both during the workday and for more extended vacation breaks. It's a fact that no one does their best, most efficient work when they're tired and stressed.Footnote1 Regular rest and relaxation can give you the energy to power ahead when you're working, so go for it!

A note from your lending specialist

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1 Realtors: It's 2019, Why Are You Still Working 70 Hours a Week? Emile L'Eplattenier, The Close, June 2019

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