May 2023

7 kitchen trends that could improve the value of your home

Most homeowners, even those who expect to be there a while, make improvements with one eye toward an eventual sale. If you’re satisfied with the current layout of your kitchen but want to give it a modern feel without breaking the bank, here are some ideas that can increase your enjoyment of your home and prove worthwhile when you sell.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, a kitchen upgrade — to replace worn-out surfaces and materials and add features — generates a “Joy Score” of 9.8 out 10 for the homeowner. It also returns an average of 67% of the cost of the project.Footnote1

Enhance your cabinets

Installing new cabinets might be ideal, but simply switching out the hardware can give your existing ones a fresher appearance. (Bar pulls are the most popular option, favored by 72% of homeowners.Footnote1) The next step up would be to repaint them, which can change the entire appearance of your kitchen and give you a good return on investment.Footnote2 You could even replace the cabinet and drawer fronts while keeping the existing boxes. Shaker style remains the most popular choice, but flat-panel doors have gained in popularity over the last year.Footnote1

Modernize the lighting

Recessed lights are now chosen by 72% of renovators, up 6% in a year.Footnote1 Adding under-cabinet lighting will make tasks easier and help a kitchen seem more contemporary, and if you have an island, stylish new pendant lights are an affordable way to introduce an attractive design element.

Try more tech

Smart kitchen technology is all the rage. Docking stations and wireless speakers are becoming more popular, and 39% of homeowners are choosing appliances with features like Wi-Fi connectivity.Footnote3

Let sustainability drive decisions

Ninety-two percent of homeowners incorporate sustainable features, including LED bulbs and energy-efficient appliances and windows, into their kitchen renovations. Interestingly, one way to promote sustainability is by choosing enduringly popular styles — an approach taken by 47% of homeowners.Footnote1

Don’t overlook the floor

Upgrading a worn or dated floor can give new life to a kitchen in the eyes of owners and prospective buyers. Refinish hardwood flooring if necessary, possibly in adjacent rooms as well to maintain continuity. If you have linoleum or any surface that’s past its prime, replacement options include tile, vinyl, wood, laminate, cork and stone. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so do your homework before committing.

Add an island

If you have the space and budget, a kitchen island remains a popular way to add counter space, storage space and seating. If a stationary island isn’t feasible, a rolling kitchen cart is an easy way to pick up additional surface space.

Replace your countertops

One of the costlier upgrades, new countertops could be necessary if yours are old or stained. It’s not essential to buy marble or granite; there are many options that can give you a comparable effect for less. Not to mention, multicolored countertops have been declining in popularity; white may be a safer bet.Footnote1

Whether you’re doing them for your own benefit or to appeal to a buyer, even modest updates can add value while helping your kitchen feel up to date.

A note from your lending specialist

If you’re considering a kitchen or other renovation, let’s discuss whether a home equity line of credit might make sense for you.

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